Sunday, June 21, 2009


I don’t know much.
Left my Spanish speaking country
To live in San Francisco when I was one.
Lived there four years before departing en route to Japan,
Another Four years abroad.
Hard to master, let alone speak 3 different languages in such short Time.
Traveled back to my native Peru.
Was having a hard time in school.
Left to Rome,
Three and a half years before heading to Panama.
Grammar was a becoming a huge problem,
Too many languages, not enough time to learn them properly.
Now back to Peru,
Had to bribe my way to graduate from High School.
Took a year off,
Decided to attend School of Visual Arts in New York.
Lived four years in the “Big Apple”, got married, went back to Peru, Worked and lived in Lima eight years before leaving to Miami.
I’ve been living in the Sunshine State for the past seventeen years with my wife and three kids.
Lived in too many places,
Repeated the word “Lived” too many times,
Because I don’t know much.

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